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oil sprayer

oil sprayer

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-100% food safe material: the oil spray bottle is made of food grade material, easy to clean and odorless. BPA-free, free of toxic substances such as formaldehyde and 100% food grade. The nozzle and suction tube with filter of the oil sprayer are made of food grade PP material, BPA free. You can use it directly with confidence.

-Replaceable nozzles: upgrade the high-pressure cyclonic nozzle, the oil output is finer and more uniform than other oil sprayer bottles in the market, and it is more fuel efficient. The oil sprayer has 1 removable nozzle that can be replaced at any time to prevent nozzle clogging. Note: the fogging effect is affected by the distance and consistency of the filled liquids.

-Eat healthy and save calories: the oil sprayer allows you to cook oil in the mist and then spray it on the food, which is delicious and does not waste oil. The oil spray allows you to use less oil than usual, reducing calories in your diet. Healthier for you and your loved ones. This oil sprayer is the perfect gift for mothers, cooks, health conscious people and food lovers.

-Improved oil sprayer design: threaded neck, sealed without oil leakage. Three-dimensional anti-slip strip on the bottom of the bottle, thick design, increased friction, effective and stable anti-slip placement. Ergonomic handle, your hand can comfortably hold the lid and handle, your oil can be sprayed evenly by simply pressing, and it is convenient to use. The large bottle opening allows you to pour liquids easily without a funnel.

-Multi-purpose oil: perfect for oil, vinegar, cooking wine, vegetable oil, soy sauce, water and many other liquids. It provides an even spray, convenient for frying, grilling, salad, baking and roasting. It can also be used to spray alcohol and water, and it can also be used to water plants. Use with silicone oil brushes to fully integrate ingredients into food. Cooking oil spray bottle set for your daily needs.
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