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Block of bamboo kitchen knives with large handle without knives

Block of bamboo kitchen knives with large handle without knives

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Keep your knives clean/secure/organized in your drawer: store your knife sets in the drawer with our knife rack to keep your knives sharp, organized and out of sight; convenient access and saves worktop space

Sculpted grooves and angled handle support: enough finger space to grip knives easily; large knives won't pull the back of the knife block and bang against your drawer even if it slams; it also ensures that knife tips don't point up

Easy knife retrieval: the well-sculpted slots make retrieving your knives simple and efficient, while the remaining knives stay securely in place

Holds various types of kitchen knives (not included): up to 12 knives and 1 knife sharpener. 6 steak knife slots 24 cm, 6 additional knife slots 39.9 cm and center steel sharpening slot; 42.2 x 24.5 x 4.6 cm, fits most standard kitchen drawers

Elegant design and durable material: the cutlery tray is made of high quality eco-friendly Moso bamboo; the natural grain gives it a distinct design. The cutlery holder is ultra durable and will not chip, scratch or fade easily

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