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Magnetic retractable mesh screen

Magnetic retractable mesh screen

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Heavy-duty magnetic door screen in fever: door screen is stronger than polyester screens, it is anti-scratch and tear-resistant, which is especially beneficial for your children and pets, as well as fireproof, the cost is a little high, but it is durable for the next summer
Easy to install, 10.2 cm expandable width Velcro, anti-fall, to strengthen and increase security, additional tacks are included, apply the tape to your door frame and apply it to the top of the door screen, and you're done The magnetic door screen will stay in place all summer. Door screen with magnet is removable, portable, foldable and washable
Pretty lace pattern on top, door screen incorporates kissing straps for easy entry at party, reinforced edges more impressive with superior tear protection. This mesh screen with magnetic closure can be easily attached to your balcony door, bedroom, kitchen, nursery or sliding door

36 strong magnets with tighter self-closing, no space for insects. Magnetic mesh screen door lets sunlight and fresh air into your home. The bottom of our magnetic patio door screen adopts a windproof weight bar loop. The weight bar helps to collapse and close firmly.

Retractable screen door size: screen size 99.1 x 210.8 cm, suitable for doors up to 94 x 208.3 cm, screen size 91.4 x 210.8 cm, suitable for doors up to 86.4 x 208.3 cm, carefully measure the size of the door and buy the appropriate size (only the door size does not include the door frame part is smaller than the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the door 5 cm more than the screen. Minimum for height, and the size of the door is less than 5.1 cm than the minimum screen for height, for example, the screen 99.1 x 210.8 cm is suitable for an interior door of 94 x 208.3 cm maximum, such as 88.9 x 203.2 cm, 91.4 x 208.3 cm, 96.5 x 203 cm 2 cm

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